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First Time Parent Pre-Sale

Congratulation! You are invited to our first time parent presale. . You can bring 1 guest to help you carry all your bargains to the car. You must sign up in order to get a presale spot.

Educator Pre-Sale

We appreciate everything that you do, and we would love to have you at our presale!

First Responder/Military Pre-Sale

If you are in any branch of our armed forces or first responder ID and have a current military/law enforcement ID you are invited to attend our law enforcement/military pre-sale. We solute you and and want to show our gratitude by letting military parents shop early. You must sign up in order to participate and bring military ID to the pre-sale. Thank you again for all you do!

CRUNCH Fitness

JBF North Tampa <3 Crunch Fitness!  We welcome all crunch family to sign up for the Crunch Fitness presale passes and come shop for free! 

Help at the Sale and shop earlier

Wednesday Presale. Closed to the public.

1pm - 9pm 12 hour voluteers + Prime Time can shop

2pm - 9pm  8 hour volunteers can shop

3pm - 9pm  4 hour volunteers can shop

4pm - 9pm  Consignors can shop

5pm - 9pm Pre-registered 1st Time Parents and Military Families can shop

6pm - 9pm Family shopping time for qualified volunteers and consignors that need to shop with children.

*Only infants/nursing infants in carriers can come into sale before 6pm.



Ask about our Sale-A-Bration! Must have ticket to attend!


Vendor Postitions

If your target market is new moms, families with children, grandparents and teens then JBF has a nice long line of people waiting to see your ad! Families from all around the Bay Area will be in attendance at JBF. If you have a large or small business that you would like to promote, contact us today. Vendor Application




Kayla- kaylatoole@jbfsale.com


The JBF Mission

Everyone has the right to feel good about providing well for their families—that’s why we created Just Between Friends. We have helped over 1 million families—just like yours—afford the brands and styles they want, all while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars across North America. At your local sales event, you’ll find all the brands and equipment you need at prices that fit your budget—so you can raise confident, stylish, good-looking kids!